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BEMRI has been established to foster research, education, training, and the dissemination of information on chronic and aging disorders.  We see that future of medicine lies within the field of Bio Energy Medicine and Epigenetics.  The first major project of the Institute was to find a very powerful adaptogen for which the bioenergetics would be conducive to support the body’s own regenerative capability. 

Our Projects


As a result of our research the Institute decided to begin with the study of Ginseng in clinical applications.  Ginseng has been used as a natural medicine for over 2,000 years and most herbalists consider Ginseng the “King of Herbs”.  Since the discovery and fractionalization of plant saponins unique to Ginseng called Ginsenosides the last 50 years has seen volumes of Ginseng clinical studies.  In fact there are more published clinical trials on Ginseng than any other herb.  Ginseng has been shown in clinic applications and clinical studies to have a major effect in preventing and treating chronic diseases associated with aging.



Ginseng has been reported to have excellent clinical results with a remarkably broad range of health conditions. Ginseng has been presented in many medical journals: The American Academy of Environmental Medicine, the American Association on Anti-Aging Medicine, the National Diabetes Foundation, and the Congress on Bio-energy Medicine represent just a few of these.  

Partnering with Us as a Study

Although consistent benefits have been reported there are contradictory results from different studies, possibly due to the wide variety and quality of ginseng used in the tests.   The institute is creating a longitudinal study on the effects of ginseng in clinical practice by using high quality pharmaceutical grade of Ginseng extract.  Our hypothesis is that by providing a high grade and high quality pure ginseng supplement to doctors for use in their clinical practice we would find a consistent range of therapeutic benefits for a broad range of health conditions as is found in the studies and reports of doctors through out the world.  We have established a number of study sites with health care practitioners and we are looking to consistently expand the number of study sites.

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